Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

Saleem Ahmed is an accomplished Computer Vision research scholar. He dabbles in all kinds things computer science. With an ongoing summer research internship @ Ericsson Research -Santa clara, focusing on recognition and segmentation on multiple video sources, he also brings to the table 3+ years as a professional software engineer. He is currently on his way of navigating through grad school @UB.

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I am one of those free spirits of this world who is never conformed to boundaries, for INTPers like me–“The Thinkers”– we represent just 3% of the population.

Eloquently as Albert Einstein put it,

“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them”.

I have this innate need to be always on the search for not only new solutions to old problems but new problems to solve.

Currently I am pursuing my Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the State University at Buffalo, New York.

I am also working as a research internn @ Ericssom Research since Summer 2018. My main focus of research is topics in Computer vision and Deep Learning. I am currently working on improving the throughput of segmentation tasks as even though world class algorithms can do object detection @30-40fps they start to lag when given the cumbersome task of classifying each pixel in an image to a particular class and the state of the art work by guy’s over at Fair : MrcNN, is at a measely 3-4fps.

I was previously employed as a Sofware Engineer @FAASOS, with 2.5 years of experience as a software engineer I dreamt (literally) about building scalable machine learning solutions for everyday tasks and was fondly called as the internal faasos stackoverflow by my dev team.

Previously employed as a Full Stack Developer @ Jugnoo, providing dynamic web-based solutions for their on demand hyperlocal services.

All things technology hold a strong sense of affinity for me. Developing algorithms from ground up unit mechanics is a favorite pastime. I keep moving forward as many other AI researchers with the hopes of besting the Turing test one day.